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How to get donations in the digital age

September 27, 2018

With the proliferation of the technology, the engagement of users and product development in different arenas has evolved. As such, donation and charity section are not lagging anymore.


A donation, in the past was a simple act of sparing the change to fund collector at the masjid or at the corner of the street. However, with the inception of the digital age the procedure has been completely altered. Today, instantaneous donations can be made simply by sending an SMS or using mobile wallet payments. Similarly, individual donors now set up monthly direct debits online without setting foot in the facility.


This presents an opportunity for fundraiser to get access to a vast community of donors who are willing to take part in the fund raising or support a social cause. Today, this opportunity can be grasped using a pocket sized screen. Mobile based apps are available in the market that help you meet your donor where they are, in the new cashless world.

  • Online presence- One way of attracting more donations is through having an effective online presence. This is especially true because almost everyone is on social media, making it an effective tool for communicating fundraising efforts. Religious institutes such as masjids can use this platform to spread the word to a wider audience enabling an inflow of recurring funds. Remember that handling social media can be time consuming and managing it might become tricky for imams and other staff at the masjid. For this you can collaborate with teams like Masjidii as they have a dedicated team of tech-savvy fund-raising strategists.

  • Instill a desire to donate- although the reason for establishing a social media presence might be to raise funds, it must not be the explicit goal. You can use a variety of tools to broaden the reach of information about the cause rather than jumping straight into asking for funds. Connecting with the right individual donors is the key as they will understand and share the same vision. It is crucial that the cause resonates with the donors so that the donations come in on a regular basis.

  • Target millennial- Optimizing your website for mobile is essential because millennial check their phones on average every 5 minutes. Moreover, having browser based apps will ensure that you are also tapping into this target audience for donations. A successful app with a user friendly interface will instantly connect with the community and will attract donations for a good cause.

  • Secure transactions- More people are now comfortable paying through credit cards because it is not only a secure payment method but also minimizes the chance of donation loss.

  • Automated updates- Once you receive the donations don’t just disappear. Keep in touch with the individual donors and thank them for their generosity. Because of technological advancement, this has become a hassle-free procedure. Apps such as Masjidii ensure that donors can track the progress of their recurring donation which instills a sense of accomplishment.

  • Staying in touch- Through such apps, you can constantly remind the current donors to petition for donations. You have no better advocate than someone who is willing to contribute to your organization. This helps with the generation of a consistent stream of funds that can facilitate efficient daily operations at the masjid. In addition, you can also send a text notification to your respected donors inviting them to events.

  • Outsourcing- Masjids can outsource donation collection to these apps as they will be free of the burdens of contacting individual donors personally. It can maintain the regular influx of donations on behalf of the imams and staff allowing them to focus on other tasks.

If you are residing in any part of North America and like to automate your donations collections, then you must purchase Masjidii system. Our dedicated teams of talented individuals have developed an app for the masjid of the digital age. This app is an optimum solution to start building a recurring donor base today.


Masjidii is a user-friendly app with online and mobile app points of interaction. This application helps build recurring donations for masjids and helps establish a devoted donor base. It can accomplish this while meeting the expectation of securing financial data.

There are several features that help Masjidii stand out from similar apps such as: Recurring Credit Card Donation, Automated Communication (email and text) and Contact Management. The app is affiliated with most major credit cards.  Lastly, if you are worried about card expirations Masjidii has a feature that reduces donation loss due to card expiration. It receives direct update feed from Visa and MasterCard of changes to card numbers and expiration dates. So why wait when you can optimize the process with ease?

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